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Banner Schoolwear

As a trusted Banner school uniform supplier, we bring you a handpicked selection of Banner schoolwear essentials, all at affordable prices.

We stock a diverse range of Banner shirts, trousers, polo shirts, school summer dresses, pinafores and more, making sure you find all the staples you need in one place. With stock available all year round, you can make sure your child is always dressed appropriately for school.

Discover all our Banner schoolwear options for boys and girls below, plus the perks that come with buying schoolwear from School Uniform Shop.

Quality schoolwear from Banner

Offering the highest quality of smart schoolwear that’s sure to survive the rigours of everyday school life, Banner schoolwear means clothing that’s always comfy and fit for purpose.

Still a majority-owned family business, Banner continues to thrive and produce high-quality, affordable school uniform options.

As an integral part of the schoolwear industry since trading began over two decades ago, every garment in Banner’s schoolwear range is offered in a vast range of colours and sizes.

Banner offers a range of high-quality essential unisex school uniform items like Banner polo shirts and jumpers. Plus, you'll find a selection of boys’ and girls’ Banner trousers, shirts and blazers, making sure your child looks smart day-to-day, regardless of what they manage to get up to!

Banner schoolwear boasts easy-care, machine wash properties, with many garments featuring the brand’s signature Maxtech Resist tough protective finish. This all goes towards stamping Banner’s schoolwear with quality, durability and practicality.

Beyond practicality, though, all of our Banner schoolwear looks to focus on pupil comfort. From soft-touch fabrics and robust stitching to comfy cuts, you can guarantee day-long comfort with every piece.

Banner schoolwear for boys

When it comes to finding boys’ school uniforms, look no further than our Banner range of boys’ term-time essentials:

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