The Cost of School Uniform

School Uniform is quite a feature in a child's life. It marks stages of growing up and development.

The security of being part of a school with ideals and a recognisable dress code, above all sense of identity, the need to behave in a manner which shows respect for their school.

It forms the start for a future which may necessitate the need for a uniform once adult employment is entered.

The military and the Police are just two examples, but also consider Nurses, Builders, Electricians, and those who require clothing which is fit for purpose of their employment. They can then continue to uphold traditions, be readily identified and maintain a respectful attitude.

Before the big but: "But it's so expensive", reflect upon the following facts and reconsider the big but.

The initial outlay may sound expensive in a lump sum, but the advantages are in quality of product, support and advice from experienced staff and brands which are Eco Friendly.

Junior School Uniform

The cost of a complete junior school uniform, sports kit and bag from is £126, which works out to be 43p per day. A complete junior school uniform typically consists of:

Senior School Uniform

The cost of complete senior school uniform and sports kit from is £187, which is 63p per day. A complete senior school uniform typically consists of:

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