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Trutex is one of the leading names in school uniform and school sportswear, having supplied quality schoolwear to students across the UK for over 150 years.

They work towards the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, a worldwide standard to ensure employees in supplying factories around the world enjoy both excellent conditions in a safe working environment and a good rate of pay. So, when you buy Trutex, you’re improving quality of life for the people who made your uniform - a real no-brainer.

Browse our extensive collection of Trutex school uniform today to find cost-effective, ethically manufactured schoolwear ahead of the coming term and all year round.

Everyday essentials

Trutex offers a range of everyday essential school uniform items in unisex styles, sure to keep your child looking formal day in, day out - no matter what adventures their school day brings.

For the spring and summer terms, Trutex offers a diverse collection of polo shirts in a broad spectrum of colours, ensuring you can find the ideal option to meet your child’s uniform requirements. Manufactured using superior weight fabric, these polo shirts are hard-wearing and made to last, meaning they can handle the rough and tumble of day-to-day school life with ease.

For autumn and winter terms, these polo shirts can be paired with any of Trutex’s wide range of school jumpers, sweatshirts, cardigans and < ahref="https://www.schooluniformshop.co.uk/section.php/112/1/trutex-fleeces">fleeces. With a choice of knitted or sweat cardigan designs and v-neck or crew neck sweatshirt styles, you can give your child the freedom to choose their preference, safe in the knowledge that they’ll remain comfortable and in line with their school’s rules and regulations.

For the perfect finishing touch to your child’s school uniform, opt for one of Trutex’s school blazers and jackets. With boys’ and girls’ options available in a range of colours, the fitted style of all these jackets ensures your child will continue looking smart - that is, until they’ve gotten on the school bus in the morning!

Trutex schoolwear for girls

Trutex stocks a vibrant collection of girls’ schoolwear to ensure your daughter is fully equipped with all of their term-time necessities.

Whether you’re shopping for tots or teens, Trutex’s range of girls’ school blouses offer style and practicality across the board. With colours, fits, sizes and styles galore to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect long-sleeve or short-sleeve school blouse option for your daughter, all at great-value prices.

Pair the blouse with a smart pair of Trutex school trousers for a classically smart uniform style that keeps your daughter looking her best day after day. With junior and senior sizes available in varying shades of grey, navy and black, this range of school trousers is designed to ensure students stay comfortable throughout the school day, no matter what they get up to.

Better yet, all of Trutex’s junior girls’ school trousers boast minimal maintenance, being both machine washable and tumble dryer friendly to make your life as a parent that little bit easier. For the warmer, sunnier days, substitute trousers for Trutex’s extensive range of school skirts, also available in junior and senior sizes in a range of colours and sizes.

Trutex schoolwear for boys

Not forgetting about the boys, we also stock a broad selection of Trutex boys’ school uniform to keep your son looking smart (for as long as possible, that is).

With an extensive range of boys’ school shirts to pick from, there’s sure to be a shirt that’s suitable for your son’s school. With short and long-sleeve options available in a choice of white, grey and blue, all of our Trutex school shirts come in twin packs to ensure they’re cost-effective - it’s the least you parents deserve.

These shirts can be paired with any of our Trutex boys’ school trousers for a classic school uniform style. Junior and senior sizes are available in a range of colours, with contemporary slim-fit and sturdy-fit styles available to suit each and every child. Better still, they’re manufactured from made-to-last, durable Trutex smart fabric to guarantee longevity no matter what your son gets up to - after all, boys' will be boys!

Having spent years providing students with the perfect schoolwear, at School Uniform Shop, we understand that comfort is just as important as practicality. That’s why we also stock a range of Trutex boys’ school shorts, helping schoolboys' to swap out the trousers on hotter days. With stain-resistant fabrics and robust side pockets, these school shorts offer excellent value for money and are an ideal choice for everyday wear during spring and summer terms.

Online ordering made easy

We cater for all students from toddlers to teenagers to help all parents find suitable school uniform options for their children. With this in mind, you can use our handy measuring guide before you buy to find the right size for your child - from there, simply follow our hassle-free checkout process and we’ll take care of the rest.

Offering a range of payment and delivery options, buying school uniform doesn’t get any easier than shopping with School Uniform Shop.

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