Face Masks

David Luke David Luke FREE TWO DAY DELIVERY! On UK orders of David Luke products totalling £35 or more!
David Luke David Luke FREE TWO DAY DELIVERY! On UK orders of David Luke products totalling £35 or more!

Face Masks

At School Uniform Shop we fully appreciate the increased emphasis on hygiene in schools since COVID-19, which is why we have a selection of disposable and washable face masks for sale.

With both adultsí and children's face masks available to buy individually or in bulk, you can make sure children and staff are taking the right measures to maintain hygiene best practices on campus.

Better protection

The purpose of wearing face masks is to reduce the potential risk of spreading airborne germs, and our FIT face masks are designed and manufactured to World Health Organisation guidelines for three-layer non-medical face coverings. Each mask features 2 layers of 100% polyester and 1 layer of 100% cotton fabric, providing a breathable face covering thatís comfortable to wear.

Providing ample coverage of the mouth and nose, our adultsí and kidsí face masks can go towards helping reduce speech, coughing and sneezing droplets from being involuntarily spread to surfaces and other people. This all goes towards minimising the risk of accidental transmission of viruses through hand to face contact, when used in line with other preventative measures such as frequent hand-washing and cleaning processes.

Assorted sizes, colours and more

To ensure you find just the right face masks to suit your needs, we stock a diverse range of sizes, colours and designs. Whether youíre looking for washable kidsí face masks for your family or large quantities of disposable adult face masks for your business, we have you covered.

Our children's face masks are all washable and come in packs of three, ensuring you always have a clean one ready for your little ones to wear during term time. You can take your pick of 8 colourful designs in camouflage print, amber, black, maroon, navy, pink, scarlet red and royal blue - meaning you can find a children's face mask that matches their favourite colour or school uniform. It can also make masks more distinguishable to help minimise the likelihood of children picking up and wearing someone elseís mask.

For adults, youíll find standard and premium washable face masks for sale in packs of three in medium or large options. As a rough guide, the medium size should be suitable for teenagers and women, while large may provide a more comfortable fit for men.

The Standard FIT washable face masks range boasts 4 single-coloured options in black, navy, royal blue and white. The Premium FIT face mask collection comes with 7 vibrant design options, with a clown face, UK flag, Welsh flag, feathers, flowers and birds, and flowers on a yellow background, as well as camouflage print. This allows you to make more of a style statement with your face mask or pick a design that matches your outfit.

If youíre buying face masks as a business, we also offer bespoke face masks that allow you to print your logo and brand onto washable face masks. This will ensure your staff are not only provided with suitable face masks to wear during work, but can also act as brand ambassadors when wearing them - which is a win for better hygiene and brand awareness.

In addition to our diverse range of washable adult and kidsí face masks, we also supply universal-size disposable face masks. Providing a convenient and cost-effective single-use option for schools, hospitality and more, these face masks can be bought in varying quantities - including packs of 20, 50, 100 and 200.

Face masks delivered direct to your door

At School Uniform Shop, we want to make buying your adultsí or childrenís face masks as easy as possible. Enjoy a quick, easy checkout process, as well as prompt delivery direct to your home or business address.

When it comes to delivery options, we ship face masks to the UK with free delivery on orders over £35, as well as international delivery to 11 European countries. Browse our full range of kidsí and adultsí face masks online now and, if you need any further assistance, donít hesitate to get in touch.

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