David Luke David Luke FREE TWO DAY DELIVERY! On UK orders of David Luke products totalling £35 or more!
David Luke David Luke FREE TWO DAY DELIVERY! On UK orders of David Luke products totalling £35 or more!


When it comes to buying your daughter’s school uniform ready for term time, School Uniform Shop has everything you could possibly need - and all at great-value prices. Here, you’ll find our comprehensive collection of girls’ school cardigans and jumpers in a broad spectrum of colours from trusted schoolwear brands including Trutex, Rowlinson and Banner.

We’re renowned for delivering schoolwear that prioritises durability, comfort and low maintenance, so you can enjoy peace of mind that all of our girls’ school cardigans and jumpers are designed to meet the demands of school life. From their breathable fabrics for optimal comfort to stain-repellent finishes for easy cleaning, our girls’ knitwear products have you covered when it comes to finding premium quality schoolwear at affordable prices.

Sizes, colours and styles for every girl

At School Uniform Shop, we cater for girls of all ages - so whether your daughter’s in primary school or heading into her final years of secondary education, you’ll find a diverse range of sizes available from 5-6 years up to 42/44” chest (XL) for growing teens.

We know that size isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to dressing your daughter for school, though. You also need to adhere to school uniform colours and specifications, which is why we offer a spectrum of colour options and styles, too. Whether you need a girls’ green school cardigan or a girls’ grey v-neck school jumper, we’re confident you and your daughter will find just what you’re looking for.

When it comes to brands, Rowlinson’s girls’ knitwear is divided into two main categories: Performa and Courtelle. Our Performa v-neck jumpers and cardigans are manufactured from 100% natural cotton, giving garments a soft, lightweight feel that provides a breathable layer over a school blouse - perfect for keeping your child warm and comfortable during colder spells.

Our Courtelle girls’ school cardigans and jumpers offer a winning combination of comfort, flexibility and durability. Made from 100% Courtelle yarn, this soft-touch fabric can be washed at temperatures as low as 30 degrees and delivers outstanding colour and shape retention - ensuring jumpers and cardigans last longer. Both options are available in a selection of popular colours, from girls’ burgundy school cardigans to classic black jumpers.

Within the Trutex collection, your daughter will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out the right fit and colour of jumper or cardigan to suit her own personal style. Whichever style you go for, all knitwear features Trutex Stay Smart stain and water repellent, ensuring these garments are equipped to handle inevitable spills during the day.

Options like our 100% cotton girls’ fit black school jumper or our standard fit jumpers with a v-neck cut offer a stylish finish worn over school blouses for a smart and sophisticated look. Alternatively, give yourself peace of mind that garments will stay in shape with a girls’ red cotton blend school cardigan or jumper that offers added flexibility with a cotton, acrylic and nylon combination. You’ll find various colour options across the Trutex range, including red, royal blue, navy, grey and maroon, making it easy to find just the right option for term time.

When it comes to kitting your kids out for cold winter days, the addition of a Banner roll neck school jumper worn over a blouse or even her PE kit will ensure your daughter stays toasty all day long - whether that’s waiting for the school bus or tearing around the playground. Made from 100% cotton, these pullovers are incredibly durable and provide the snug fit needed to stave off the cold.

Simplifying school uniform shopping

At School Uniform Shop, we know that most parents don’t relish the thought of buying school uniform for their kids, which is why we’re making the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible.

With girls’ school cardigans and jumpers catering for all ages, style preferences and budgets, our flexible payment and delivery options enable you to buy all of your schoolwear essentials in one place. We even offer a helpful online measurement guide, so you can make sure your daughter’s dressed in the appropriate size without even having to leave the house.

Take the hassle out of buying your daughter’s school uniform and shop our complete range of girls’ school cardigans and jumpers online today. If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert sales team.

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