History of School Uniform - Part 1 of 4

"Iíve got nothing to wear!"
"I canít wear that old thing."
"Iíll get laughed at if I wear that."

Just a few of the sad calls when getting ready to go to school on a weekday when running late.

If it wasn't for school uniform, it would ring out regularly, Monday to Friday, even including Saturday in some cases.

Uniform: from 14th century "Uniformis". Uni = One, and Forma = Shape. In the 1530ís middle French, it became "Uniforme".

An earlier record of uniform came from 1222 when the Archbishop of Canterbury told his students that they were required to wear a robe like outfit called a "Cappa Clausa".

In the 16th century, the pupils of Christ Hospital School in London were given a uniform consisting of a long blue coat and yellow knee high socks. Modern versions of these robes still exist in some private schools and certain universities.

In Cambridge, students who already have a degree and are studying for a higher level, wear a specific robe to their lectures, while those who are studying for the first level, have their own specific robe. Oxford Students have to wear uniform to take their final exams.

(Nobody has to wear knee length yellow socks!)

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