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Coloured Wellies

Term Footwear Coloured Wellies

On wet days, which are all too common in the UK, kids’ feet need protection from the elements. To help your son or daughter find a stylish and comfortable footwear option for the rainy weather, we stock a vast range of plain, patterned and cosy fleece-lined kids’ wellies in a broad spectrum of colour options.

Whether you’re buying for warmth, water protection or both, you’ll find smart, stylish and sturdy children’s wellies that offer excellent value for money in our online range.

Kids’ coloured wellies from leading brands

All of our children’s clothing and accessories come from trusted UK brands renowned for quality, sustainability and value - and this is certainly true of our range of kids’ wellies. In this collection, you’ll find coloured wellies in a choice of colours and designs from the following brands:

  • Grass & Air: shop waterproof Grass & Air wellies in plain, striped and patterned designs made from 100% rubber materials

  • Term Footwear: our Term Footwear wellies come complete with built-in, removable antibacterial socks in standard and roll top styles

  • Kids’ wellies in colours galore

    We stock premium children’s wellies in a huge variety of colours to keep boys and girls of all tastes happy without compromising on quality. From classic monochromatic options to pastels and bold, vibrant shades, we’ve got it all in our kids’ wellies range. Shop now to find waterproof boots in colours including:


    Shop our range of kids’ coloured wellies online now to find a pair of cosy, comfortable and waterproof boots in a design your child will love.

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